Fare thee well?

Have you ever noticed how the passages in Corinthians regarding LOVE have a real tilt to them?

Try not to think about that answer right now...check the passage later...for now, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about how to love, how you love your spouse...your kids...your neighbours even?
Do you think of the passage 'Do unto others' right away? Maybe you think of respect? Maybe your mind goes directly to a more swooning 'LOVE'...the kind that twinkles and shimmers in the mist...lol! (obviously you need to get a sitter for the kids if you're a SAHM and that's the first thing that comes to mind...most mom's REALLY know that LOVE is tilted)
Anyhow...back to the tilt...
These passages ALL seem to refer to things that are inately difficult to do. Love is NOT easy. Loving does not seem to assume that you'll be loved back....it only hopes. It assumes that wrong will be done with the foreplanning of not remembering the wrong. Plan not to bring it up again.
Love requires that there is probably plenty reason to be patient and to 'suck it back' and be kind instead.
How am I measuring up to that kind of love when it comes to my kids especially?
I fare thee not so well.

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